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Delivering Exquisite

Snacking Delights from Asia

Welcome to Mr. Kun - your gateway to the delightful world of imported snacks from all-around Asia. At Mr. Kun, we're passionate about bringing the authentic flavours of Asia straight to your doorstep, with a touch of innovation and a commitment to quality.

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Mr. Kun's Lava Cookie Ball Yogurt Flavour

The Road to "Mr. Kun"

In 2022, Mr. Kun Lava Cookie Ball was created by the owner of multiple renowned restaurants, Taiwan-born Huang Yen Kun. Huang had always wanted his kids to enjoy the desserts served in fine-dining restaurants. But sadly, most fine dining restaurant food is not kid-friendly, and many do not even allow kids to dine.
Mr. Kun harboured a dream of creating a dessert that can be enjoyed as a snack and is easily accessible in supermarkets at affordable prices for everyday folks on different occasions.
Using only premium ingredients and innovative fine dining techniques to develop the three-layered texture and flavour explosion, Mr. Kun Lava Cookie Ball is expected to be an excellent gift for all occasions and a snack suitable for all ages.

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Welcome to Mr. Kun!

Mr Huang Yen Kun, the fouinder & CEO of Mr. Kun holding 2 cans of lava cookie balls standing infront of his logo.

In my 20 years of F&B operation, I have been continuously thinking about making restaurant-style desserts more accessible, affordable, and hassle-free so that customers can enjoy them easily in the comfort of their homes. I am happy to be able to achieve this through Mr. Kun.


The trademark logo of Mr. Kun was drawn using my son’s photo. This is because, to me, Mr. Kun symbolises love, pride, and something that I would buy for my family and loved ones.


I hope Mr. Kun is a brand that can represent love and joy for you and your loved ones and accompany you on various occasions.


Thank you for visiting our online store. We appreciate your support and will continue to innovate and produce high-quality products and services with pride and sincerity.

Huang Yen Kun

Founder & CEO of Mr. Kun

Milestones - The Journey

Tao's Resturant Logo


JuJu Hokaido Hotpot Logo


Dozo Logo


Joie Logo


Mr. Kun Logo


Ki Su Shoujin Omakase Logo










Mr. Huang Yen Kun - Born in Taiwan.

Established and started his First Restaurant - Tao’s Restaurant.

  • A Modern Japanese European Cusine. Dishes are served on pottery plates to better preserve the temperature of the food.

Started Juju Hokkaido Hot Pot.

  • A Japanese Steamboat that uses Hokkaido “Kunbu” (seaweed) as the soup base.

Started Tao’s Restaurant in Melbourne.

  • Branching out from the very successful Tao’s Restaurant in Singapore.

Started DOZO Restaurant.

  • A Modern Creative Japanese-French Semi-Fine Dining. 

Started Joie Restaurant.

  • A Modern Creative Japanese-French Vegetarian-Fine Dining.

  • In 2021, with the great success of Joie Restaurant, it was acquired by a Restaurant Group.

Founded the Brand, Mr. Kun.

Started Ki Su Shoujin Omakase.

  • An innovative blend of Japanese-French influence Meatless Omakase.

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